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When I was a teenager growing up in Eastern Ontario, people used to rave about the Lancaster perch, a freshwater fish locals caught in the nearby St. Lawrence River. It was a speciality at local greasy spoons, and a treat at community events. But it always seemed a risky idea to me to eat it, coming as it did from the St. Lawrence River. My parents never took us swimming in the river, even though it was a quick car trip away. Too much pollution, they said.

I was reminded of the Lancaster perch fish frys, and my parents’ wariness of the St. Lawrence River when I heard this piece by the CBC’s Loreen Pindera on The Current today. The report discussed plastics and chemicals that act as endocrine disrupters — basically, they mimic hormones. What really caught my attention was the work of some McGill University researchers, who discovered male fish downstream in the St. Lawrence from Montreal with ovaries. The researchers said the male fish were becoming females because of endocrine disrupters found in the river. When they fed the fish to rats, they found the rats’ fertility was compromised.

Yet another reason that I’m glad I don’t eat fish from the St. Lawrence. And I plan, on an upcoming trip to Ottawa, to hit this store in Wakefield, Qc. that sells non-plastic food containers. We try to use reusable containers for lunches, but with three young girls at home, I’d rather pack their food in containers that aren’t leaching chemicals into their food.


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