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People around the world are making plans to shut off their electricity for an hour on March 29 (that’s two weeks from tonight) in a global statement against global warming. More than 32,000 Canadians – including our family – have already pledged to turn off their lights between 8 and 9 p.m., local time.

Last year, more than 2 million people in Sydney, Australia, switched off. This year, the movement has gone global and Montreal is one of the cities that is taking part.

You can learn more about Earth Hour here. That blue dots on that globe above represent people who’ve pledged to join in Earth Hour. You can see an updated globe here.

Spread the word.


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 Don’t you hate that feeling when you open up your mailbox, pull out a handful of mail, all excited, only to discover that it’s almost all junk mail?

 We get so much of it, either delivered by our letter carrier, or dropped off twice a week in plastic bag full of ads or hand-delivered by local advertisers. It nearly all goes straight into our recycling bin, making me wonder how many trees were cut down to go into our recycling bin. According to the Clean Calgary Association, that would be more than 31 million trees.

My husband likes to take the unsolicited mail that comes to our house — things like credit card applications — and return them to the sender in their own self-addressed pre-paid envelope, with a note asking them to stop sending junk mail.

Last week we said enough was enough and got ourselves one of the little no-junk mail stickers you can see above. Ever since we stuck ours on our mailbox, we’ve been seeing them everywhere. On one Montreal street last week, it seemed like nearly every door in the row of duplexes had a sticker on the door.

You can get the stickers for free at Eco-quartier offices in Montreal. To find your nearest Eco-quartier, go here. You can also make your own sign. (We had one before, but it faded pretty quickly in this neverending winter we’ve been having.) Canada Post says it will respect the signs and no longer deliver unaddressed mail to your address.

You can read about a new Canadian campaign to ban junk mail here.

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