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Take a deep breath


I was out running earlier today when a bus accelerated past me, blowing a big cloud of exhaust in my face. It’s hard to think that running is good for your health when that happens.

When I got home, I heard there was a smog warning for Montreal today and that reminded me of some tips I had read for getting a run in without the harmful effects of air pollution in the city. I usually follow these rules in the summer when the smog warnings come fast and furious in Montreal, but they apply in the winter too.

1. Run early. Air quality deteriorates during the day, so it would be worse to run in the afternoon or evening, especially during rush hours.

2. Avoid running near highways or busy roads. That’s where all the car & bus exhaust fumes are.

3. If the air quality is particularly bad, don’t run at all. Take the day off and hope for better air tomorrow, or head inside and run on a treadmill.

And lastly, leave your car at home and cut down on your own air pollution production!

P.S. The city monitors air quality and calculates an air quality index. Find up-to-date info on this page.


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